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CBS News: Coffee's Amazing Health Benefits Revealed!

Has this been a great week for coffee or what! First, we shared with you some cool new information on how antioxidant-rich black coffee is earning "props" in the medical community for its health-boosting properties; and now CBS News's Dr. Jennifer Ashton is telling us that coffee is the best solution for "head-to-toe" health!
Click here to watch Dr. Ashton's latest special segment from The Early Show, "Fend Off Cancer With Coffee?," and make sure to share it with your friends. Or, you can just watch it below!

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This isn't the first time Dr. Ashton has told us about the benefits of Gano Excel's favorite beverage. Last month, Dr. Ashton discussed how coffee may reduce the risk of uterine cancer in both men and women. Check out that video below:
And oh yeah, Dr. Ashton also revealed last year that coffee may help reduce the risk of stroke. Is this lady coffee's best friend or what?

With evidence like this mounting, it's no wonder so many folk are turning to Gano Excel's Ganocafe Classic as their "number-one choice" for healthier living and whole-person revitalization!