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Chaney Root Health Benefits

Chaney root, botanically referred to as Similax Balbisiana, chaney root health benefits  is a well-known herb used in  tonics. The chaney root grows throughout the Jamaican woodlands but the herb is very widelycultivated in the Jamaican Cockpit Country; a ecological wonderland located in the west-central region of the island.The brown root contains significant amounts of iron and is popular among men looking to boost their sexual drive and stamina.
The Chaney Root  because of it's natural properties it is used  in Tonic by many people, both young and old alike in many medicinal tonics.The Chaney Root is used in many medicinal application gear around the treatment for several illnesses including, impotency( low sex drive), cleansing the blood, Rheumatism and Arthritis, neutralizing acids, treating skin conditions and fatigue. 
The Chaney Root is also said to be packed with iron and promotes excellent physical strength. The Root can also be boiled with a combination of other herbs including Sarsaparilla, Red Hibiscus flowers and even garlic. Since the Chaney Root has a high iron content, it is particularly useful for strengthening and cleansing the blood, this is ideal for persons suffering from Anemia and low blood count. 
The Chaney Root is also very useful for relieving back pain as well as to help internal Hemorrhaging in women, which may occur after childbirth or during menstrual Cycles. This treatment is accomplished by making a tea remedy.
How to use Chaney Root
Chaney Root is used either as a herbal tea or as an integral ingredient for tonic drinks. To make Chaney Root herbal tea, firstly the root being used is normally allowed to soak overnight. The root is then boiled for 15 to 20 minutes after which it is strained and sweetened with honey or sugar. Chaney Root is combined with other herbs, such as Sarsaparilla, to create a tonic drink. The herbs must be boiled properly before use in order to reduce the risk of side effects.

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