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The 8th Rib Tonic

The Eight Rib Tonic
The 8th rib tonic is all natural herbal tonic that was prepared with careful use of eight wood root herbs that each as it's own medicinal properties that is perfect for the prevention for many different illness.   These herbs each comes with over 300 unique properties that  helps to restore the body to balance.

The 8th rib tonic cleans, builds, tones and Balances the entire body eight herbs that works harmoniously in addressing the bodies eight major organs and protect them from the eight major diseases.

The 8th rib tonic was formulated with herbs that are shown with their historical usage from ancient and modern master herbalists and research writings. The following herbs are mostly found in temperate zone like Jamaica,  Asia  and some parts of north america. 

These herbs are as followed : Chaney Root(Smilax Balbisiana), Sarsaparilla (Similax Officinalis), Strong Back (Desmodium Adscendens), King Of The Forest (Cassia Alata), Sour Sop (Annona Muricata), Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Pimento (Pimenta Officinalis) and Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Minium).

Chaney Root(Smilax Balbisiana)
Use root as tonnic, blood cleanser,syphilis, arthritis, fatigue, overall body tonic, neutralizes acid,
all skin condition, and increase red blood cells

Sarsaparilla (Similax Officinalis) 
Use root to eliminate poison from the blood and purifies the body from infections is dependently useful in rheumatism, gout,skin eruptions ringworm, scrofula, internal inflammation  cold catarrh, detoxify organs of the body, stimulate digestion, increase circulation, protects liver and fights free radicals. 

Strong Back( Desmodium Adscendens)
Use whole plant reduce pain, block allergies, reduces asthma, relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation, mild laxative and heals wounds

King Of The Forest (Cassia Alata)
Use leaves and branches for all skin disease, mild laxative, protect throat, Stomach liver, skin and for high blood pressure.

Sour Sop (Annona Muricata)
Use leaves and branches to kill cancer cells, slow tumor growth, kills parasites, reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, dilates blood vessels, relieve depression and expel worms. 

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)
Use whole plant as "Secret to perpetual youth",contain remarkable rejuvenating properties, it strengthens the heart, help with memory and brain.

Pimento (Pimenta Officinalis)
Use fruit dried as a stimulant, cold, menstrual cramps, diabetes, ingestion, flatulence and as mouth wash to refresh breath.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum Minium)
Use fruit to stop internal bleeding,excellent for ulcers, brain nervous system, benefit the heart and circulation, normalizes blood pressure, tones the intestine and stomach, release gas/wind, stimulates digestion, warming and stimulating actions on the digestion and circulation system.

Immortality Herbs That Cleans, Builds and Balances Your Body!!
           The 8Th Rib Tonic