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Resihi/Ganoderma Mushroom

Red Reishi Mushroom for Longevity

The red reishi mushroom botanical herb could be very interesting to those who are looking for cure to major diseases that plague the world these days. The ancient Chinese people should be thanked for giving this solution of solutions. This mushroom could be considered a wonder herb for its huge potential to become the miracle cure for all diseases imaginable. Should further studies be made to develop the herb, people will no longer worry about dying from major diseases. Imagine the possibilities if this herb goes mainstream. Is there a chance that there will come a time that a cancer-stricken person does not need to undergo through the risks of chemotherapy?  Will there be a panic buying hysteria, as this herb becomes a necessity most especially among those in critical health conditions? People could swarm for supplies and regulations should be firmly in place. Will there come a time when this red reishi mushroom botanical herb will be misused, since there is already a cure so people will no longer look after their health more closely, considering their lifestyles? Still, there are so many questions and doubts about the future, and people could be asking, “Why only now?” There are so many people who are dying or have already died of incurable diseases; one couldn’t help but wonder if the people behind the discovery of this wonder herb have a hidden agenda for concealing the information. Diseases like AIDS and cancer have always been serious cases. The red reishi mushroom botanical herb has the potential to cure them as well as viral infections, tumors, heart diseases, liver diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia, poisoning, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. The cure has been around all along (for centuries, that is) and the ancient Chinese knew how to use it. It took time for modern medicine to tap into its potential but at least there is hope for everyone now. It will only be a matter of time before the cure will be offered to the public.

The substances behind this mushroom are proteins, sterols, peptides, triterpeniods, polysaccharides or beta (1-3)-D-glucan, fatty acids, and steroids. The known substance that has been shown to kill cancer cells are polysaccharides. This component has been proven to have anti-tumor effects because it modulates the immune system, activates the immune cells like macrophage and T-cells, and heightens the number of immunoglobin levels to trigger the other cells in fighting the tumor, AIDS, or cancer. Sooner or later, nobody has to suffer again from such deadly diseases. There is a big window of hope that has been opened with the discovery of this mushroom.

The red reishi mushroom botanical herb has triterpeniods that lower blood pressure and improve the circulation of the blood. The sterols reduce the allergic reactions and infection of the body, strengthen the body’s immune system, and improve the memory.  This mushroom has anti-aging properties and improves skin complexion.  A good intake of Vitamin C could also help speed also your recovery.

Ganoderma "Miraculous Herb" 

Ganoderma is a miraculous herb which is given by God before 5000 Years to mankind to take care of complete health care which have been proved by modern scientist of 150 countries around the world and now this herb is available in our daily FMCG products like Tea, Coffee, Tooth Paste, Soap etc

In China, the mushroom known as Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has been called “God's Herb” for over 2000 years. Because of Reishi's reputation for being effective in treating a wide range of ailments, Chinese Emperors throughout history has ordered their servants to search for Reishi in the wild. They believed the consumption of Reishi would grant them eternal youth and greatly improved health. As the mushroom was rare, it was only reserved for royalty and wealthy individuals.
In the original textbook of Oriental medical science, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, which contains hundreds of natural medicine the Chinese have used for thousands of years, celebrated physician and naturalist Li Shi Zhen (1518~1593) described the benefits of Reishi:

It benefits the life energy, or “qi” of the heart, repairing the chest area and benefiting those with a knotted and tight chest. Taken over a long period of time, agility of the body will not cease, and the years are lengthened to those of the Immortal Fairies.

Species and Development

 it was not until the late 20th century that, through diligent cultivation by the Japanese, Reishi, the once extremely rare plant, was made widely available to the general public.                           
Among the six kinds of Reishi species that are known to benefit health, RED REISHI have demonstrated the most significant health-enhancing effects and are most widely used in the global health supplement market nowadays.
Research has shown that the health-enhancing properties of Reishi are strongest when the plant is mature, a state that is almost impossible to find in the wild due to the unstable environmental conditions that exist in the natural habitat of red Reishi plants.
As a result, the highest quality of red Reishi products use mushrooms that have been naturally cultivated in greenhouses, as opposed to other inferior and potentially hazardous methods of growing Reishi using glass bottles.


Red Reishi has the following health benefits:
  • Supports healthy blood circulation
  • Supports a healthy metabolic activity of human cells
  • Supports internal organ functions
  • Helps regulate and support the immune system
  • Helps provide an energy boost
Daily consumption will help lead to the elimination of unfavorable toxins in the body and assist in a healthy lifestyle.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Detoxification Symptoms From Taking Red Reishi

During the initial period of intake of Reishi, sensitive individuals may experience some mild detoxification symptoms such as skin irritation, gastrointestinal symptoms, and dryness of the nose and mouth.
These are all normal signs of recovery and an indication that the medicinal effect of Reishi is functioning well. This is the body’s way of excreting accumulated toxic matters from modern day foods and vigorous actions of the body metabolism.
The above-mentioned reactions differ from each individual. Some consumers might not have any reactions at all.
The time frame for these symptoms may vary from person to person, but they generally last only a few days – until the body adjusts to a higher state of wellness and becomes accustomed to the regular intake of Reishi. Daily consumption of a large amount of water is also recommended to help the body with the detoxification process.
It is important to note that these physiological reactions are only temporary, unlike side effects from most medications.